Horizon 2033 Forum: Pioneering Change & Shaping The Future Of Africa Missions Global

New York, NY – September 20, 2023 – The illustrious Manhattan room at the Millenium Hilton New York, One UN Plaza, played host to the momentous Horizon 2033 forum today. The event, which is a grand undertaking, was a resounding success. It not only showcased the remarkable work of Africa Missions Global but also celebrated […]

African Ministers in Diaspora

Introduction The African diaspora is not only a vibrant cultural and economic force but also a source of spiritual strength. Within this diverse global community, there are African ministers of God who have taken their faith and ministry to new shores, bringing spiritual guidance, hope, and unity to the diaspora and beyond. In this article, […]

Celebrating the Inspiring Life of Pastor William Folorunso Kumuyi on His 82nd Birthday

Introduction: Pastor William Folorunso Kumuyi, renowned preacher and founder of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry, is a celebrated figure whose life has been marked by remarkable accomplishments, unwavering faith, and a steadfast commitment to spreading the message of Christ. On the occasion of his birthday, we reflect upon the extraordinary journey of this spiritual leader […]

Hephzibah Network International celebrates 25 years of the supernatural move of God

Hephzibah Network International celebrates 25 years of the supernatural move of God. It is with absolute recognition of God’s grace that we acknowledge His faithfulness in the past 25 years. The emergence and evolution of the Hephzibah Network International Ministry will be incomplete of the presence of the EX-IJMB students who started the move. The […]

The Great Redemption Crusade 2019: A Remarkable Revival in Sierra Leone

In November 2019, a remarkable event took place in Sierra Leone that brought together people from all provinces and corners of the country. The National Stadium became a gathering place for crowds, as well as those who journeyed back from other nations, all seeking to be part of this momentous occasion. The significance of such […]


FAITH HEROES AFRICA: REVEREND SOLA ROTIMI- A JOURNEY OF FAITH AND MUSIC ODO OWA, KWARA STATE – In a recent interview conducted by Faith Heroes Africa via their “Working Faith Media Program,” Reverend Sola Rotimi shared his inspiring journey of faith and music, highlighting the transformative power of God’s love. Born into a deeply religious […]

The Minister And The Ministry

THE MINISTER AND THE MINISTRY Eccl. 10:10; Col 4:17 Every believer redeemed by the precious blood of the Lamb is saved to serve. The moment you’re born again, the journey begins. Just as parents expects to see their baby grow, get to crawl, walk, talk and become productive adults, so God expects every born again […]

William Carey, Pioneer Missionary To India (Part 5)

Arranged from the book, “William Carey, Missionary Pioneer and Statesman” (1761-1834) by F. Deaville Walker, published by Moody Press, Chicago, Illinois. After several years of untiring efforts as a new missionary in India, resulting in some remarkable achievements, William Carey’s longing to see yet greater things accomplished for God led him to urge the home […]

“There Was A Man Sent From God” (John 1:6)

The sealed heavens had opened! At last, the centuries-old wailing – “Oh, that Thou wouldest rend the Heavens” – had been heard and answered in an unusual way. Four crawling centuries of spiritual midnight had ended by the shattering presence of a man more incandescent than Halley’s Comet. By Leonard Ravenhill The people who had […]