Youths in Uganda – YWAVA making waves

YOUTH WITH A VISION  ALIVE – YWAVA – A ministry in Uganda doing exploits for the Kingdom among the youth

I came to know Pastor Fred and Robinah Kasule of Cornerstone Christian Fellowship, through Ambassador Michael Omolewa in 2008. They are both committed to the work of the Lord with base in Kampala, Uganda. For some years now, they are instrumental to the emergence of a group encouraging the youth to serve the Lord in spirit and truth and teachings that touches on all area of youth life. Relationship, Sex, Courtship, etc


  1. What is YWAVA?
  • YWAVA (pronounced Wava) stands for Youth With A Vision Alive14. YWAVA bases itself on Proverbs 29:18 that says – Without a Vision, the people perish.The Vision at the heart of YWAVA is Empowered, Christ-like and Growing. This Christian Fellowship brings together Adult Youths from different churches with the purpose of empowering them in social, financial and spiritual domains.The success of The Etiquette Date held at KatomiKingdom Resort on 30 April 2016 excited the churches in attendance, thereby giving rise to many interested youths. Because of this enthusiasm which had sprung up, we decidedto extend YWAVA outside the walls of Cornerstone, that is, to all churches.
  1. Who is the YWAVA Leadership? 
  • Robinah Kasule, founding Patron of this Fellowship also wife to of the main Senior Pastor of Cornerstone Christian Fellowship, and Mother of 3 girls started launched YWAVA in 2014. I realized that there was a gap in our main church which needed to be filled. Most of the adult youths in church had been discouraged from attending youth services because of “the too much entertainment”. I thought of having mature youths meet once a month in order to discuss issues relating to dating, courtship, marriage, careers etc.
  • ACommittee comprising Youths from different churches is responsible for following up YWAVA’s activities….. After recruiting? YWAVA members, the Committee shall run the Fellowship for a short while, after which it shall conduct elections. Thereafter, a Committee shall be voted in to run the affairs of YWAVA.
  1. How does YWAVA  plan to achieve its aim amongst the Youth?
  • By holding regular Workshops in which different Guest Speakers shall address, train and motivate the Youth towards self-development. 
  • By creating a Monthly Fellowship which shall act as a platform where the Youth can interact, get to know and help each other,grow and share ideas and experiences (under supervision).
  • By keeping the Pastors, Church leaders and other stakeholders whose sons and daughters are YWAVA members in the know of the ongoing and planned activities.
  • By charging its members a one-time joining fee of only 5,000/- plus a monthly fee of 2,000/-This money shall be used to support the various activities of YWAVA.
  1. Where shall YWAVA conduct its meetings?
    • When and if permitted by the Pastors of the different churches, meetings shall take place by rotation among members. This will also permit Church Leadership to scrutinize, evaluate and possibly advise on the operations of YWAVA for the betterment of the Fellowship.
  • If funds are available the group shall organize once a year or more,an Outing or Retreat for its members at a Recreation Facility.
  1. What won’t YWAVA do?
    • YWAVA will not assume or attempt to assume the leadership or guiding role of the Churches to which members belong.
  • YWAVA will not allow or promote individual Church doctrines to be promoted or taught among its members.
  • Any member using the YWAVA platform to directly attract other members to his/ her church shall be expelled from the fellowship.
  • YWAVA will not allow or promote any ideologies or practices that are against the principles set in the Bible.


YWAVA has experienced huge successes through organizing various activities. However, funding still remains a challenge and we are currently looking for prayer partners and/or financial partners.

For more information:

Email:                      [email protected]

Phone Contacts:     256-772433692/752-433692/705-049562

Address:         P. O. Box 679 KAMPALA

Phyical Address:    MUYENGA-BUKASA

FacebookAccount:youth with a vision alive 2014

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