Faith Heroes Africa Project

This website is created to appreciate the good works of God’s people past and present. The legacies and heritage of the christian faith will be highlighted.

The Story Behind Faith Heroes Africa Project

Faith Heroes Africa was established to document the moves of God in Africa. We are committed to searching out the wonderful works of God in the continent through Africans and friends of Africa from other nations.
We desire to showcase the great heritage of the Christian faith in all parts of the continent, giving all glory to God and celebrating those used by Him for exploits.
In Hebrew 11 we have the catalog of the heroes of faith – men and women who did great exploits in their time and generation. Africa is blessed with so many unknown, unsung, unrecognized and unappreciated heroes and heroines who in their time and generation paid great prices, some with their blood and life to bring the people to the saving knowledge of Christ.
We intend to recognize those men and women whose heart is totally for the Lord, those who by natural birth are not Africans but through the love of Christ labour in Africa, past and present.