The Great Redemption Crusade 2019: A Remarkable Revival in Sierra Leone

In November 2019, a remarkable event took place in Sierra Leone that brought together people from all provinces and corners of the country. The National Stadium became a gathering place for crowds, as well as those who journeyed back from other nations, all seeking to be part of this momentous occasion. The significance of such a massive gathering indicates the arrival of a great revival in our land.

The Great Redemption Crusade, with the powerful theme “The God that Answers by Fire,” has now become an annual event organized by The Faith Healing Bible Church in partnership with the body of Christ in Sierra Leone. Under the guidance of Pastor Francis A.M. Mambu, the General Overseer of The Faith Healing Bible Church, God is performing mighty works of redemption. The destructive yokes of Satan are being shattered, sinners are finding salvation, backsliders are being restored, and countless miracles, signs, and wonders are unfolding to bring glory to God.

The impact of this crusade cannot be underestimated. It is certain that Sierra Leone will experience lasting transformation after the 2019 crusade. The chains of darkness will be broken, and a new dawn of hope, faith, and spiritual renewal will sweep across the nation. The lives of individuals and communities will never be the same again.

As we reflect on this powerful event, let us anticipate the ripple effect it will have on our beloved Sierra Leone. The flames of revival have been ignited, and we can expect a resurgence of God’s love, grace, and power in our lives and throughout the nation. May the blessings poured out during the Great Redemption Crusade continue to inspire and strengthen our faith, as we eagerly await the next opportunity to gather and experience the incredible works of the Almighty in our midst.

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