ODO OWA, KWARA STATE – In a recent interview conducted by Faith Heroes Africa via their “Working Faith Media Program,” Reverend Sola Rotimi shared his inspiring journey of faith and music, highlighting the transformative power of God’s love.

Born into a deeply religious family in the quaint village of Odo Owa, Kwara State, Reverend Sola Rotimi faced financial constraints that led him to discontinue his education and work as a printer at the Nigerian Paper Mill. Little did he know that his life was about to take an extraordinary turn.
It was a life-altering church service in April 1969 that set the stage for Reverend Rotimi’s spiritual awakening. During the service, a visiting district superintendent delivered a powerful message that struck a chord deep within him, emphasizing that not everyone who calls Jesus ‘Lord’ will enter the kingdom of God. These words resonated profoundly with Reverend Rotimi, leading him to a moment of self-reflection and surrendering his life to Christ.
Following his conversion, a newfound passion for music ignited within Reverend Rotimi’s heart. Despite having no prior knowledge of how to play the accordion, he stepped forward as the acting choir master in his church. Determined to learn, he humbly approached his pastor and requested to borrow the accordion. With the instrument in his hands, Reverend Rotimi embarked on a remarkable musical journey.
Guided by the Holy Spirit, Reverend Rotimi navigated the keys of the accordion, initially facing challenges in combining it with his piano skills. However, through persistent practice and unwavering determination, he mastered the art of harmonizing the two instruments. To the astonishment of the congregation, he flawlessly played four songs, showcasing his newfound ability.
It was during a prayer session that Reverend Rotimi experienced a divine encounter that would forever shape his ministry. As he played the accordion, he felt an overwhelming presence of joy and received a clear message from the Holy Spirit. He was instructed to pause, and upon resuming, he found himself playing flawlessly and singing songs he had never known before. This anointed moment marked a pivotal turning point in his musical journey.
Filled with excitement and a burning desire to spread the message of the gospel, Reverend Rotimi took to the streets of Jaipur, playing the accordion and singing songs that touched the hearts of those who listened. His music became a vessel for evangelism, captivating people from all walks of life. The following day, a voice urged him to continue his street evangelism, confirming his divine calling.

As Reverend Rotimi’s music ministry grew, so did its impact on the lives of others. His songs resonated deeply, leading to emotional responses and even physical healings. The melodies he played on the accordion became a powerful tool in reaching people with the love of Christ.
With the support of a brother in his community, Reverend Rotimi’s songs were recorded and broadcasted on radio stations, amplifying his ministry’s reach far and wide. The impact of his music was undeniable, even gaining recognition before a nearby transformer was destroyed during a war.
Throughout his remarkable journey, Reverend Sola Rotimi remained steadfast in his focus on preaching salvation and repentance. He emphasized the paramount importance of using the Bible as a guide and not deviating from its teachings when singing gospel songs. For him, gospel music was not merely for entertainment but a means of ministry.
In the face of various temptations, Reverend Rotimi openly spoke about the dangers of pride and fornication, urging others to resist and flee from evil. He emphasized the need to prioritize God and seek His guidance in all endeavors.
Reverend Sola Rotimi’s commitment to his calling extended beyond his music. He emphasized the significance of combining ministry and family, with a deep love for God serving as the foundation for loving one’s family. He encouraged aspiring artists to maintain focus, persevere, and dedicate their work to God.
Expressing gratitude for the opportunity to share his journey, Reverend Sola Rotimi announced plans to make his songs accessible for free on YouTube and their website. With this initiative, he aims to reach an even broader audience with the message of the gospel.
As the interview concluded, Reverend Sola Rotimi offered a heartfelt prayer, invoking blessings upon the viewers. He urged them to discover their calling in God, solidify their salvation, and remain committed and steadfast in the work of the Lord.
Reverend Sola Rotimi’s story stands as a testament to a life transformed by faith and music—a remarkable journey that began with a humble accordion and an unwavering devotion to sharing the love of Christ through melodies that touch hearts and change lives. Faith Heroes Africa’s “Working Faith Media Program” will continue to shine a light on such inspiring stories, illuminating the path of faith for all.
Check out some of his tracks here.

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