What Is The Christian To Do?

By D. C. Mackereth
If you are a Bible believing Christian I have to ask what are you doing…that the Lord may yet turn again
our nation away from ungodliness? I speak as one who is deeply longing for revival, but revival must be
seen on a Biblical basis, and not simply as an abstract, happy principle. It is not something that can be
worked up. It is a sovereign outpouring of the Spirit of God on an undeserving people.
The sort of revival that we need in our country today is like that which occurred in Nineveh under the
preaching of the Prophet Jonah. Here there was widespread, deep, heartfelt repentance, and abhorrence of
sin. If we are revived, it will be an extremely painful process, but oh what glory!
Christian, pray that the church would be revived, and endued with power from on high to witness with
great effect to the truth contained in the Scriptures. Revival is a sovereign, powerful work of God, and we
need to pray that He would convict us of our sin, bring us to repentance and then send us forth as effective
We need to use every opportunity to proclaim Christ to sinners now, and do the work that we have been
commanded to do by the Lord Himself, for unless there is a wonderful intervention by God, “the night is
coming when no one can work” (John 9:4)

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